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That is totally punk.

I don't know much about Putin, but enough not to trust him. Is he fucking your country? You've made a powerful Flash broadside against him. Keep it up.

Loved it

It was interesting and visually engaging. Your illustration talent, so lacking in many animations, goes a long way to its success. I would have liked to hear actual voices, but I understand the spare aesthetic you achieved. Full marks.

I usually want to punch the computer.

Love your stuff. Your work is a refreshing and welcome addition to Newgrounds.

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You rose to the challenge and won. Is there nothing you won't do?

poxpower responds:

anything constructive apparently

Lahey's my favourite

A real labour of shit love you got here.

This is what Kittie Krew should be doing

Hard to read black on grey. Your portfolio page could use thumbnails.

Otherwise it's a tight piece. I like your print work.

KODYDESIGN responds:

Thanks dude

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Keep it coming.

Nice work, it feels very finished. And I dig your imagery. It's important to keep the concrete visuals front and center in your song's development. I'm not a bit fan of tinny snares and techno so my advice would to beef this kind of thing up with more bass and stuff, but all in all I think you've made a great tune.

theta4 responds:

Thanks for the review! It's these kinds of things that really help me as a producer. Thanks again.

Also, I had a really nice sounding kick once, but it was overpowering and was giving my subwoofer a hard time. Also, I believe that you're not supposed to really *hear* the kick (except in Hardstyle), only feel it. It's supposed to be subdued and only give a sense of a beat.

I like.

Clean and crisp, and simple. No frills. I dig this shit.

TUNEIT responds:

Thanks man, normally i suck at making DNB music, but this time it's alot better than my past DNB music :D Thanks again :D


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