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I don't want to alarm anyone with how many hours I've put into this episode, but let it be said here and loud that I could have built three canoes and a few oil portraits in the same amount of time. What a marathon!

But it's done. And with just a few mistakes that slipped by me.

Ha ha, but it's done.


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2010-02-14 05:57:17 by DeweyGland

My collaborative effort with Deborah is complete, posted and now resting comfortably with a smug smile in the armchair by the fire, buffing the Daily Fifth Place trophy!

Yay! Finally a prize! I feel so validated by my virtual animatory community.

And to think, not one feverishly adjusted and tailored sound effect in the whole thing. I'm doing a single loop for all my animations from now on.

Not really.

But maybe...

I just made a big Number 2!

2009-05-28 17:04:36 by DeweyGland

You heard me right.

The second installment of Asphodel's is now up, and has two raving reviews to its credit! This has been a draining project no amount of slavering praise can heal. But I'm still accepting accolades.

So bring them.

Otherwise, I'm doing nothing and with nothing planned. I get the funny feeling I'm going to be the only one to read this.

No comment

2008-12-07 14:04:45 by DeweyGland

I'm a man of few words, but if you're here and reading this let me be the first to encourage you to pick up a book.

Nah, just kidding.

Do me a big favour: bring the peace, eh?